The hovercraft project started in the spring of 2012. It was initiated by the student organization affiliated with the mechanical engineering studies at NTNU, A/F Smørekoppen. I joined the project because I had just finished the dive torch project, and I wanted to do something new. Originally over 20 people were involved, but this number decreased steadily the first year. When we were just 5 people left, we started a new committee in Smørekoppen to complete the project. New people were recruited, and the project was finally completed in the end of September, 2013.

The hull was made from plywood panels and pine. In the front there is a 40 cm fan powered by a 250 ccm snowmobile engine. Propulsion is provided by a 900 ccm Yamaha motorcycle engine. The propeller was designed by us and milled from a solid block of 6082-T6 aluminium.

The finished hovercraft.

The hovercraft was unveiled in September 2013.

The early days of the construction. Here you can see the first mould of the thrust duct, as well as the lift fan in the front. A trial skirt is attached to verify the design. This was later made in a more durable material.

Static balancing of the propeller. It was balanced by grinding the ends. The whole surface was polished to improve corrosion resistance and reduce stress risers in the surface.

First test of the hovercraft in September 2013.

The hovercraft was also featured in an article by the biggest newspaper in Trondheim, Adressa. It can be seen here: http://www.adressa.no/student/article8381805.ece