HID diving torch

35W HID diving torch

This project was started and completed during the fall of 2011. I started the project because I wanted to learn how to use a lathe and because I wanted a good canister dive torch without paying too much.

The torch is very simple, using cheap electronics and batteries. The bulb, ballast and igniter is an of-the-shelf HID-conversion kit for cars, and the batteries are two 7.2Ah 12v SLA (sealed-lead-acid) batteries wired in parallell.

The design is heavily inspired by Robert Staven's design, with some minor modifications. I made the modifications because I didn't want to remove the plastic and insulation from the igniter, so I had to increase the size of the bore in the slug. All the hardware and electronics were bought from Robert Staven as well.

POM (delrin) was used for the torch head, a hard engineering plastic that is very pleasant to machine. The canister and lid is made from HDPE.

Drawings can be shared upon request.