Update 31.10.13

Update 31.10.13

A couple of days ago the magnets arrived. Also, the motor and controller arrived yesterday. The motor is quite heavy at around 6 kg, so I might have to shave off some weight once I have calculated the center of mass and center of lift/bouyancy. My fear is that the dpv will be tail heavy, but I will determine this later when the final implementation of the motor has been designed.

The magnets are 5 mm X 10 mm X 15 mm N52 Neodymium magnets.

The BLT-500 motor from Goldenmotor.

The speed controller is also from Goldenmotor. It is intended for use in electric bikes, so I features a lot of functions I don't need.

20 Pcs of N52 neodymium magnets. They are very hard to get apart.

I have also modeled the shroud I got from dive-Xtras in detail so that I am able to figure out the geometry of the struts that connect the shroud to the tailcone. There were a lot of complex geometry on this part, but I think I got the important bits right.