Update 20.10.13

Update 20.10.13

This week I got started at machining some of the parts for the magnetic coupling. I turned the outside and inside diameter of the magnet ring. Next I will mill the pockets where the magnets will sit, but I need to use a rotary table or dividing head to do this. The part is made from magnetic steel to optimize the magnetic field from the magnets.

Turning the inside diameter of the magnet holder ring.

I also started turning the housing for the magnet ring. This part features a large face groove, so I had to grind a tool for this. Fortunately POM is a very forgiving material to machine, so it went well.

Exploded view of the propeller assembly. From the right: Stainless Steel Angular contact bearing, magnet ring holder, magnet ring, tapered magnet ring cover, propeller assembly.

Propeller assembly.

Turning the groove for the magnet ring.

Last week I recieved the propeller and shroud from Dive-X. The propeller I am using is the standard Oceanic/Mako adjustable pitch prop. I chose this propeller because it operates at a fairly high rpm (~1000 rpm), which is the same as the motor I will use.

Propeller and shroud.